A downloadable living painting for Windows

Create your living glass menagerie. You are a glass animal shaman artist in a wallflower painting!

You have the touch of random glass animal creation! Every time you touch terrain with your right index finger, a random glass animal will spawn.

You can also shatter them! You can squoosh with your right hand to shatter or...

Switch to Shoot Mode by using your right index finger to touch the wooden "Fire" button on your left wrist Shaman Bracelet. You can now laser point with your right index finger to shoot and shatter! (Switch back to Make Mode by selecting the logo "Create" button)

Close your left fist to move deeper into this living painting. Open your left fist to come back out to the default artist perspective.

Close your right fist to summon and throw fireballs!

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • D: toggles the leap safe box
  • S: goes into Shoot Mode (index finger becomes a laser!)
  • M: goes into Make Mode (touch to random spawn!)

Pegasus flies by periodically - hard to grab, easier to laser-zap.

You can spawn dragons.

The unicorn never dies.

See an unedited experience video here: https://youtu.be/qeU0j48XaEA

Spawn and Shatter Glass Animals: A creative meditative catharsis experience!


GlassMenagerieWallflower.zip 75 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run the exe in the same folder with its corresponding Data folder.

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